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best-of-the-bestIn our daily routine what is so important? The way we look or the way we talk or the way we walk? So many questions, but only one answer – No, the way we smell. Looks, talk and walk can be managed but not the bad odor. Hence you will have to be very careful when you choose your brand of perfume. brings you all your favourite perfumes for both- men and women right at your doorstep. You will just have to press the ‘Click’ and get transported to a world of sensual, elegant, serene and heavenly fragrances.

Choose wisely from over hundreds in our collection of authentic international range of perfumes online to spoil yourself. Make a journey to the valley of flowers to find the perfume that’s made just for “YOU.” Don’t think about the prices as these perfumes come at unbelievable low prices! Hence choose wisely to Stay Fresh and Sexy all throughout the day.


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The effect of the global recession has struck India most ominously. The falling rupee has pinched the pocket of the common man with common interests. To give you a little perspective about the background of the whole scenario, I’ll explain how the falling rupee is a bad sign for us perfume lovers.

Whenever a country imports more goods and services than it can export out, the trade deficit increases. This serves as a more severe blow to countries whose currencies are under more pressure due to depreciating value. In other words, countries like India, where the depreciating value of Rupee is making everyday commodities hurt the pockets of the Indian common man, things are becoming more expensive.

But the real crunch is reserved especially for goods that are imported. The depreciating value of Rupee against the dollar means that anything that we buy in the global market would cost us more than what it used to before. On May 1, 2013 the value of the rupee against the dollar was Rs 53. That means that for every 1 dollar spent on products we imported, we had had to pay Rs 53. Come August 23rd, and for the same product we have to pay Rs 65. And that is assuming that the product is still costing $1, when infact, due to the global recession, things are becoming costlier. This can be exemplified in the case of fuel prices, better than anything else. 8 years ago, we used to pay Rs 40-43 for a litre of petrol. That same quantity is now costing us Rs 70, as the weak currency has lost its bargaining power with the supplier.

As we all know, almost all the famous fragrances and perfumes are not manufactured in India. PerfumeCrush prides itself at being able to acquire and source the best perfumes from around the world for you, so you can sit and order the best perfumes online. Authentic perfumes at the best prices, was our motto. But due to the increasing cost for us to import, sadly we’ve had to shift some burden to the customer so that we can keep getting the best fragrances for you.  In the coming days, PerfumeCrush will increase its prices by 30%. We hope that the economic crunch will soon subside and we’ll go back to the previous equation, but for the time being, PerfumeCrush is still the best place to buy authentic perfumes at the best prices.

Share your Experience.

Thumbs up PC.comThe articles on may make you think and even scratch your head to come to this conclusion that – they are promoting their website. The generic idea which makes you think so is that, in this e-commerce phase every organization promotes them through different manner.

There are various methods through which has tried to achieve and has achieved its goal, i.e. serving the customer with full dedication and transparency. Such as they have taught “YOU” about the authenticity of perfumes, way to use perfume etc.

The terms and conditions provided by them are incomparable. Returning policy of does not have any biasness. But still there lies a fear factor which increases from time to time. For first time buyers there always lies an ‘if’ and ‘but’ factor. What if my perfume does not reach to me? Can online products be trusted? How can they offer us perfumes in such an affordable price? How is it possible to offer a discount on each and every item?

Questions are many and so the answers, but the answers have to serve your purpose and gain your trust. Answers from our end may not be trusted; hence we would request you to go through another option, which is “The Testimonials.”

It is such a column in the website where you can share your experiences – either good or worse. This space named Testimonials is dominated by the buyers – whom we cannot manipulate to write great words for us.

For those who have plethora of questions and doubts in their mind; the testimonials of would serve the purpose in guiding “YOU” and arrive to a conclusion.




Double Delight!

Double Delight babySurprise! Surprise! has introduced a lucky draw contest named
‘Double Delight Lucky Draw.’ The process of Double Delight Lucky Draw is very systematic and transparent with no compromise in its integrity.

First a list is made of all those customers who have been buying perfumes from on a monthly basis. The names then are imprinted on a thin strip of paper with serial number and their purchase code. Those papers are put in a container. Mr. Suresh Mansharamani (Founder & CEO) of announces the name of the winner after taking out one strip. The whole process is recorded to maintain transparency and also for customers so that they are able to see the videos on YouTube Brand Channel. The contest is conducted on a monthly basis, at the end of every month. The winner will receive a gift coupon of the same amount of his purchase. There is a limitation on the gift coupon. The coupon value is limited to an amount of Rs. 5,000 i.e. if you have purchased a perfume worth Rs. 5,500, you will receive gift coupon worth Rs. 5,000 only.

What could be better than a double delight? makes you feel special and paves a delightful journey to the world of fragrance.


Article by Gloria Ganguly




We Do Care For You

We’ll face challenges while dealing with customers’ complaints and queries at times. E-commerce is not an exception to this. In the age of social media, you don’t want a grievance going viral over internet. That’s why it’s even more important than ever to create an excellent experience for your customers to help develop and maintain your brand image in the market. The following tips can help you towards providing customer service that will set you apart from your competitors.


  • Respond To Complaints ASAP

Endeavor to respond to complaints quickly and enthusiastically. In contrary to what most e-commerce entrepreneurs ignore, acknowledging customer complaints can prove beneficial for a business in a couple of ways. First, it gives an opportunity to identify the problems and correct them. Furthermore, your customers will be amazed to see a reply so soon. It is kind of assuring them that a complaint is heard and you have worked/working on it. In e-commerce, you don’t have the benefit of being able to win over an irate customer face-to-face.  A call will give the customer a more personal touch; an opportunity for you to interact and win over the customer in your kindest and most patient manner. This also creates an opportunity to present a special offer or discount with the hope of up-selling the customer to buy more.

  • Acknowledge Accountability

No matter the circumstances; don’t let the customer feel insignificant. When you receive a complaint, don’t try and start defending yourself. Make the customer feel like they are right.

When you receive a post on your social media page, an email or a call from an irate customer stating dissatisfaction with your product or service, the first and foremost step is to acknowledge their grievance. Next, try to resolve the grievance/query at the initial point of communication. Else, explain and assure them that subsequent steps will be taken to resolve the problem. As soon as you have found the resolution, call or email them back with the solution. Please do follow-up with an email if you communicate over the phone.

  • Ask For Feedback

Don’t forget to ask customer to share their valuable feedback. This can help prevent similar problems from occurring again in the future. Ask the client about their overall experience with the way you handled their issue and how effective the solution that was offered to them. This will provide a way to improve your customer service by knowing what and how to better serve your customers.

  • FAQs page

Queries about payment, return & refund policy, authenticity, warranty, technical procedures, troubleshooting and shipping are very common. Your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page can address these common questions in a detailed manner.

If you are starting a new venture, you can refer to competitors’ FAQs page to get an idea of what to add on your FAQs page.

  • Easy Return Policy

Don’t waste your customers’ precious time. There is no alternative to an easy return policy to provide peace of mind — and encourage repeat purchases. For instance, the return policy of Perfume Crush is just ‘Amazing’. Check out their return policy here

  • Be In Touch

Do capture and stay in touch with visitors to your portal. Firms like and helps in effectively capturing the emails of visitors to your website and sending them a set of regular emails on frequency you like for your customers. The flow of communication from you to your customers should be constant. Providing the customers with relevant tips, helpful information and promotional offers help in enchanting and satisfying them for the long term.

Remember, word-of-mouth is a strong tool that a customer possesses which can prove beneficial or critical to any business. Unforgettable customer service experience is something which can put you on top of the choice, way above of your competitors’.

Walt Disney – “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”


Article by Gloria Ganguly



Celebrate Independence with PerfumeCrush.Com

Body odour, needless to say, can be one of the biggest turnoffs ever. It is very offensive when people surrounding you just squeeze their nose and says – “Oh God! S/he stinks.” Colleagues, friends and even relatives tend to run away by your presence. It often degrades your personality when people breathe a sigh of relief with your departure.

independence-day - PCThe word Independence has plethora of meaning. It is not always confined to any territory but rather freedom means physical and mental liberty from any of the clutches of foreign invader.  Freedom gives the liberty of self-governance and self- determination which boosts one’s personality. So come let’s evade the odour and celebrate Independence Day with

It isn’t just women who express their views about offensive odour. Men also state that body odour can be quite repulsive. Often people tend to be ashamed with their own odour and this results in to a conscious effort of draining the whole perfume bottle. The simple formula to understand here is that body odour is completely natural and varies from person to person. Excessive usage of perfume is simply not acceptable. Choosing the right kind of perfume is necessary rather than picking up a wrong perfume which can make the situation even worse with its bitter smell. allows you to regain your Independence with its variety of brands, wonderful terms and conditions which spreads the beautiful fragrance. This Independence spread the aroma of love and free yourself from the shakels of body odours with

 Happy Independence Day.

Article by Gloria Ganguly

Cling to the fragrance & not to the worries.

Perfume is such an expensive stuff that without poking your nose you don’t want to experiment with it. Perfume not only spreads the essence of our taste for fragrance but also reflects our mood. It gives a boost to our personality.  Hence choosing right kind of perfumes for right occasions is a sensible step.

In this daily hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we don’t even get a chance to move to a shop and buy our desired brand of perfume and on to that sometimes the unavailability irritates us a lot. Then turns up the generic human tendency i.e. the acts of compromise by either purchasing of another brand or wait for our own brands availability. May be for the time being a different fragrance may soothe our nasal cavity but what if we don’t like it later? Simple, the bottle would lie idle without being touched and waiting to evaporate. But with the advent of internet, buying perfume has become much simpler and easier.

 Now here lies a fear factor. What if the perfume is not genuine? What happens if I don’t like the fragrance after purchase? What, if the bottle is dented? And so on and so forth. There is only one answer – – an online website that provides you with plethora of options and
innovative actions through which you can expunge your fears. Over 800 products with 91 brands it offers 40% off on every purchase. Products are delivered all over India with COD (cash on delivery) facility up to 15000. Warehousing that ensures shipping on the same day. The lowest possible price offered on purchase of perfume online by in the market brings a delight in your eyes and smile to your lips.

But these facilities are provided by others too, where lies the difference? Well, the main factor which differs from others is their Cancellations & Return Policy termed as ‘No Questions Asked Return Policy’.  You can return the unopened product in its original package within 60 days, excluding the shipping cost the total money would be refunded.

If the bottle is dented the total amount along with the courier charges would be refunded. has introduced first time in India a 7 days return policy even after the seal is broken. Surprised? The only condition is you will have to inform and courier it back within 7 days. Returning the perfume with its corrugated box is mandatory. Once the courier reaches to the warehouse the total money would be refunded including the courier charges.

Hence, try and explore a new world of fragrance –

Article by Gloria Ganguly

Authenticity of Perfumes – Better Be Safe Than To Be Sorry

Perfume signifies the style statement of an individual.The fragrance identifies your choice and helps you to stay fresh and aromatic throughout the day. Selecting a perfume is not at all easy. So we should always be very careful dealing with perfumes. For every occasion, season and mood there are different types of perfume but you may spoil the zeal of perfume Always prefer to buy perfumes online from specialized departmental stores. Street perfumes are never trustworthy. They can affect the health as well as lead to skin diseases.with a little carelessness in identifying it. There are several perfumes which look similar to the original brands but at the end, it’s ‘fake’. Hence, authentication of perfume is a mandate. Modern techniques have made it possible in manufacturing perfumes similar to the originals but still there are few tricks through which you can differentiate.

Go through a minute verification over the labeling whether the details on the box are correct and complete. Check the logos and see if there is any printing error. The bar codes should be placed at the bottom of the perfume box and should match with the one on the bottle and of course, the name of the manufacturing country should be imprinted on it.

The outer packaging of the cellophane wrap along with the corrugated box also helps in coming to a conclusion. The corrugated box should be made of high quality material, thick, even in all the edges and coloured uniformly. The box should be wrapped with unwrinkled cellophane paper.

It is not at all easy to replicate the design of a branded bottle. The thickness, shape, size, clarity, quality of the paint and the cap speaks about the originality.

Last but not the least comes the fragrance. If you are accustomed to the fragrance for a while then you can easily catch the dubious seller. If you turn out to be a new buyer, the fragrance would be the clean chit for it. The fragrance would be even and not pungent; the liquidity of the perfume would not be oily.

These tests are possible when you physically visit a store but what about when you order it online? How will you then check its authenticity? First and foremost this would never happen and still, if you are surrounded with doubts you can avail some easy steps along with the aforementioned steps to verify the authenticity of perfumes ordered online. Every perfume has a unique bar code number which is imprinted at the bottom of the corrugated box; using that number you can know the details of the product through google.

A general human tendency is to dispose the useless items, so if the box has been discarded or thrown away still you can find out the details with the batch code printed at the bottom of the bottle. There are also various websites which helps you to check the authenticity of the perfume. Just put the brand and code of the perfume and the full details like date of manufacturing and months to expiry would be available within a fraction of a second.

So, never compromise with few bucks where your style and health is concerned.

Article by Gloria Ganguly

Know-how to Carry the Essence of a Perfume

Article by Gloria Ganguly

Perfumes are used as a unique style statement which enhances one’s personality. Picking a perfume is not at all an easy task.  So we should always be very choosy before purchasing one. Every perfume has its own taste of uniqueness. The interesting fact is that, there’s a perfume for every occasion, season, mood and most importantly the procedure to use it. People do face a similar problem quite often i.e. they buy expensive, branded perfumes but it evaporates very quickly which either surprises them or raises their anger and they often arrive at a negative conclusion. What the hell? Where is the smell? This negatively impacts the brand image. There are few steps to be followed while one uses a perfume so that it sustains for long.

PerfumeCrush GuidePerfumes when applied to dry skin have a general tendency to evaporate rapidly. Hence, the best way to make it last longer is to use relevant body lotion or cream. Perfumes should never be worn on clothes as it vaporizes and even stains the clothes, rather it should always be used on the skin like applying on the wrist or behind the ears. It should be used in a limit so that people surrounding you do not go crazy.

Finding out the exact perfume which suits you is the main task. Just lingering on to a perfume because it is a brand may not complement you. The best way to apply perfume is after taking a shower as the wet skin absorbs more but remember that at night this trick won’t last long. Avoid rubbing the area where the perfume has been applied as it nibbles the essence hence simply spray or dab it. Some fragrances leaves stains on metals, fabrics and pearls hence one should always try to wear it before the putting the jewelry and clothes.

The best use of perfume is to use it on the pulse points at the crook of elbows, backside of neck, behind the knees, inside portion of the wrist and ankles. The “pulse points” are those locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. These spots originate heat, which helps fragrance to spread into the air.

Always remember that you are carrying the scent and it is gaining its identity through you hence be confident and never let the perfume dominate you rather you should be the master of dominance to it.

But all this will be valid only when you buy original perfume. And it’s not difficult to differentiate between original and original looking (fake) perfume. Click here for the simple guide to choose the original perfume and spread the charm.

How to identify fake perfumes?

How to identify fake perfumes...

PerfumeCrush, in its quest to save consumers from being cheated, has come up with an explicit video. The brand did extensive research and did a comparative study of two branded perfumes, Desire Blue by Dunhill and Gucci Guilty and compared them with their Copies for explaining the ways by which you can differentiate between Original and Fake Perfumes. Some differentiating points between an Original and a Fake Perfume were the spelling errors, difference in packing, the standard of the bottle and the intensity of the spray. These things assist you to identify a fake perfume and hence will save you from being exploited. PerfumeCrush will engage in similar studies in the future to come up with more ways which will help you in identifying a fake perfume. Buy Perfumes online at PerfumeCrush at affordable rates.